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Research reports that 44% of post 9/11 veterans are having great difficulty with the transition from their military career to their civilian career. Much of the reason for this difficulty is due to the lack of structure once they leave the military. Our approach
to solve this problem is using a healthy social network of well reintegrated veterans to become their support system after service.

When someone enters the military, they are assessed to determine the occupation that fits them the best. ETV will conduct on-line assessment to determine three areas: the veteran’s mental state, physical (health) and level of training. Once we have a baseline on these areas, we will have a specified program. All veterans will be eligible for mental and physical health programs, if needed. Based on their type of occupation in the military, we will determine if they have the foundation to enter into the tradesperson workforce.

Why Tradesperson Workforce: Currently, there is an extreme high demand for work in the trades area: HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Elevator and Concrete work. Much of the experience that veterans obtain in the military are easily adaptable to one of these
trades. There are many employers that want to hire veterans but have had negative experiences. The primary reason for the high turnover of veterans is the lack of the ability to appropriately socially integrate into a civilian workforce.

Social Training: We will utilize a novel proven sales company that has been building communities of veterans with a sense of belonging, recognition through rank structure, accountability and an earned income. Scars and Stripes Coffee is building the largest
veteran only sales force; and it’s rank structure resembles the military and it is providing the tribe of well reintegrated veteran leaders to mentor other veterans. One of the strong suits of SSC is the fact that the business trains the veteran to sell products at
various pop-up events such as farmers markets. Each veteran is part of a team and a new member is assigned to a Squad Leader. During the pop-up events the Squad Leader guides the new team member and refines how to conduct themselves in a civilian

Hybrid Training: We are connected to many companies that want to hire veterans and are willing to be certified by ETV to accept veteran employees. And these companies are well aware of our veteran’s social training network system that is part of the transition process, with their Squad Leader serving as a mentor even on the job. In addition, these companies are willing to continue the veteran training with a unique hybrid model certified by technical schools. We have aligned with several companies that support a
curriculum for hands-on training versus in-the-classroom.

Continue the Development: Once the veteran has solid employment, they will continue to be developed through their Squad with SSC. The goal is that they advance in rank and continue to reach higher goals. Such as, achieving management positions, helping with life issues, and continuing to grow within their support system.

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